CMS Wire – Can Everyone in the Hadoop Market Win?

Big data wins aren’t about which vendor is better than the next or which analytics provider offers the best algorithms.

”Hadoop is transformative,” Hortonworks President Herb Cunitz told the crowd at theHadoop Summit this week in San Jose, Calif.  It’s not an experiment. It’s not a technology for one application, he explained. “It transforms business models and creates new business models,” he said, adding that’s it’s not a “winner take all” one-vendor game.

There are a seemingly endless number of vendors in each category and more and more coming out of stealth each week.

At the end of the day the third platform is all about “Community” it seems. While we can’t provide that latest on all of them, here are some announcements we took notice of this week.  – Read “Cloudwick and Pepperdata Team Up” on CMS Wire