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AWS Data Lake Analytics

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We specialize in the architecture and engineering of serverless and self-service AWS data lakes that are easy to use, high performance and low cost to operate. Whether you want to build your own data lake or prefer a managed SaaS data lake Cloudwick has services and solutions for your organization.


Cloudwick is a leader in AWS Data Lake Analytics and our consultants are experts in serverless and self-service data lake architecture to support BI, ML, AI & AA.


Let our consultants asses your AWS data lake and analytic workloads to provide performance, feature, use case and cost optimization for better ROI.

Advanced Capabilities

Whether you have an existing or new AWS data lake talk to Cloudwick and learn how you can add native BI, AI, ML and AA to your data lake.

Serverless & Self-Service

A Serverless AWS data lake will decrease your costs, increase your query performance and simplify data lake analytics for all users.


Cloudwick is the leader in MPP and Big Data migration to AWS. We move petabytes of data and have tools to simplify, accelerate and reduce costs.

Project & Long Term Staffing

Our certified AWS Data Lake salaried consultants can lead your team or compliment your teams AWS data lake journey.

Unstructured Analytics

We are experts at integrating Amazon AI for text, pdf, image, voice, video and translation to your data lake.

Business Intelligence

Add the power of Ad-hoc SQL queries for your data lake and connect your BI tools directly to the data lake for hot, warm and cold reports and dashboards.

SageMaker Machine Learning

Our AWS data engineers and data scientist work with your business to
build, test and deploy ML models for fast results and better insights.

The AWS Managed Data Lake
Built to Simplify All Analytics

The first AWS data lake to simplify data warehouse, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence analytics for all users, teams & organizations.


The top 3 reasons why enterprises are migrating big data analytics to AWS.

Arun Kumar Palathumpattu

Cloudwick Head of Product & Services

In this article I discuss how AWS Data Lake technology is making it easier, faster and cheaper for organizations to act on all data for better business decision making.

Amorphic Data

Simplifying AWS Data Lake Analytics for Analyst,
Business Users & Engineers & Data Scientist

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