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On-Premise to AWS Hadoop Migration

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Hadoop Migration

Migrating your production Hadoop cluster to cloud requires very specific expertise and experience not found within most organizations or consulting partners. Cloudwick’s nearly 200 professionals have more than 400 big data certifications, have built petabytes of data pipelines for every type of data, upgraded thousands of Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR nodes and migrated more than 30 Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL clusters to the cloud. Whether you’re a Global 1000 in Finance, Insurance,Banking, Fintech, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Education or Public Sector organization we have built it on-premise and migrated it to AWS.
How long does a Hadoop
migration take?
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Hadoop Migration

The majority of production Hadoop migrations to the cloud begin as lift and shift because of complexity, pending software upgrade is required, the cluster is running out of capacity, node performance limitations, pending cluster software upgrade is required or a data center is being closed and the organization has adopted a cloud strategy. As such, most Hadoop migrations start as lift and shift with limited native refactoring followed by a complete cloud native refactoring of the data and advanced analytics. It is most often a business and timing decision that ultimately leads to one of these two paths:

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Hadoop Migration

Cloudwick follows a proven methodology for migrating production Hadoop to AWS. IT starts with a current and future state advanced analytic assessment with business and technology stakeholders so that vision, goals and responsibilities can be gathered and used to develop the pilot, production and support plan. A typical Hadoop production migration will take


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