Cloud Analytics for Data-Driven Business

Cloudwick is an AWS certified Advanced Consulting Partner that specializes in building native data lakes that power faster, cheaper and more agile cloud analytics for IT, business users and data scientists.

Whether you need to migrate your analytics to the cloud, add decision automation to your business intelligence, improve customer experience with machine learning or want to build or buy a data lake Cloudwick has a complete portfolio of services and solutions.

Consulting Partner
Amazon Machine Learning Services

Amazon Machine Learning Services

Cloudwick is an AWS Advanced Consulting machine learning competency partner. We specialize in simplifying machine learning for analyst to use for predictive business intelligence, developers to use for building intelligent applications, for line of business to enhance, extend and develop better customer and product insights and we help data scientist do more faster and cheaper with production-ready data lakes.

The Need

Add the power of Amazon machine learning to your data, applications, reports and dashboards for decision automation business results.

The Solution

The Challenge

You have your Amazon SageMaker ML use case identified and need help developing, tuning and deploying it to a production-ready cloud data lake.

The Solution

Cloudwick’s Amazon machine learning certified consultants work with
you to develop, tune and deploy your Amazon SageMaker ML
models using trusted frameworks like this:

Q3 Amazon ML Jump Start Offer
Add SageMaker ML into your Data Pipelines

SageMaker jumpstart typically takes 3 weeks and involves the following deliverables in a cloud native, scalable and secure manner.

  • Ingest real-time or schedule a batch of up to 10 GB of any type of data from 1 data source into multiple datasets.
  • Datasets come with user level and group level ownership and access controls.
  • Amorphic Jump Start to build, train, tune and deploy using one AWS built-in Algorithm.
  • Amorphic Jump Start to include these three activities:
  • Define business problem and identify data sources
  • Git collaborated hosted notebook instances for development.
  • Data cleaning, ETL, algorithm selection.
  • One click managed, distributed and pay per sec training.
  • Choose from 17 state of the art algorithms.
  • Managed tuning and optimization jobs.
  • Train once, run anywhere.
  • Get predictions and interpret results on new incoming data.
  • Automate data cleaning, ETL and interpretation business logic into the ML workflow.
  • Schedule or trigger on-demand prediction jobs.
  • Jumpstart includes an automated pipeline (below) which will perform predictions on real time / batch ingested data and transform into a target dataset.
Q3 Amazon ML Jump Start Offer

Common Industry use-cases:

Fraud Detection, Churn Prediction, Preventive Maintenance,  Disease Onset, Image Classification, Video Analysis, Content creation, Contextual Chat-Bots, Auto Tagging, Supply Chain Automation, Personalized Pricing, Outage Prevention, Route Optimization, etc

Experience ML-as-a-Service for IT, Business and Data Scientist

Amorphic is an AWS production ready data-lake-as a-service engineered for AWS SageMaker machine learning. Self-service user simplicity makes it ideal for analysts, developers, line of business and data scientists.

The AWS Managed Data Lake Built to Simplify All Analytics
AWS Data Lake Consulting and Engineering Services

We Simplify Amazon Machine Learning for IT, Business & Data Scientist

Amazon SageMaker Machine Learning isn’t just for data scientist. Cloudwick makes decision automation for analysts, developers, line of business users, data engineers and even data scientists easier and faster to build, tune and deploy with Amorphic.


Cloudwick’s Amorphic data lake-as-a-service and Amazon SageMaker make it easier, faster and cheaper for IT, business and data scientists to build, tune, deploy and manage production machine learning models.

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Every Business Needs Cloud Analytics

Every Business Needs Cloud Analytics

The key to competitive advantage is cloud analytics. Cloudwick is a leader in unifying data pipelines and analytic work flows using AWS as the core platform to innovate beyond the possibilities of yesterdays data center technologies.

Amorphic and Cloudwick provide the first PaaS for unifying all data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) and AWS analytics for...
Business Intelligence
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Analytics
Making it easier for analyst, business users, developers and data scientist to securely ingest, catalog, transform, search, share and analyze any data using these AWS BI, ML, AI and AA for self-service.
Elastic Search
Dynamo DB


Competitive AWS Analytics Advantage

Serverless Performance & Cost

Serverless is the way to go when it comes to Data Lake analytics as you only pay for your consumption and it provides for infinite Scalability and high performance at lowest cloud infrastructure cost.

Amazon Native Data Lake

Your cloud data lake should be 100% Amazon native so that no integration or engineering is required by you to use Amazon Redshift, Athena, Dynamo DB, Elastic Search, Glue, SageMaker, Comprehend, QuickSight or any other service.

Self-Service Data Lake Analytics

Amorphic removes the complexity for IT, business and data scientist by providing a fully managed data lake-as-a-service that is fully Amazon native with self-service user simplicity for data governance, security, sharing, search, RBAC and more.

AWS Secure & Future Proof

Amorphic is natively designed and engineered exclusively for AWS and its data lake fabric is designed for scalability, security with advanced API and lambda architecture.

Speed to Analytic Advantage

Amorphic self-service makes it possible for analyst, business users, data engineers, developers and data scientist to search, share and analyze their data easily and quickly.

Extensibility & Time-to-Analytics

Cloudwick offers Amorphic, the first Data-Lake-as-a-Service that can be deployed as a managed SaaS or Managed subscription to your AWS account and is production-ready the same day.

Data Lake-as-a-Service

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Cloudwick gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have.

To find out how your business could use data, send a message to one of our experts. We’ll tell what’s possible, with no hard sell.

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