Case study: Wireless Carrier

Mobile Advertising – First-Mover Advantage


A leading broadband and telecommunications company, one of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S., needed to establish a digital marketing Hadoop cluster to collect subscriber click-through and location data to improve targeted advertising for its partners and its own internal marketing team.


In order to move to production quickly, the company turned to Cloudwick, the leading Big Data-as-a-Service provider to the Global 1000, to help with this highly differentiated offering.


  • Cloudwick accelerated Pilot-to-Production development for the carrier
  • The carrier and its advertisers have improved audience reach on mobile devices through demographic, interest and geographic targeting, a first-mover advantage in the market
  • Brands can deliver more impactful advertising and increase ROI on mobile

Global Carrier Improves Digital Marketing

A leading broadband and telecommunications company, one of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S., needed to establish a Hadoop cluster for digital marketing to collect subscriber clickstream and location data in order to improve targeted marketing and ad campaigns for its partners as well as its internal marketing team. The carrier needed to collect this information across a span of time in order to find patterns and identify unique campaign opportunities. In order to move to production quickly, the company turned to Cloudwick, the leading Big Data-as-a-Service provider to the Global 1000.

Cloudwick deployed Hadoop and migrated the data, fine-tuning and indexing the company’s database and ensuring optimal performance. Once the cluster was up and running, Cloudwick proposed adding Spark for its powerful cache and persistence capabilities, and the carrier agreed, so Spark was deployed for accelerated analytics.

Cloudwick then developed a platform for the carrier that would provide it and its advertising partners with the capability to analyze different sources of data, the most important ones being subscriber clickstream and location, in order to conduct targeted marketing. At the same time, the solution protects customer information,  maintaining the carrier’s strict focus on privacy.

Targeted Mobile Advertising with Big Data: First-Mover Advantage

With the solution created by Cloudwick, plus its own data, the carrier and its partners (advertisers) can improve audience reach on mobile devices through demographic, interest and geographic targeting. This allows brands to deliver more impactful advertising and increase ROI in mobile without collecting web browsing information and without sharing personally identifiable information, so customer information is kept private and confidential.

After developing this capability, Cloudwick did several tests to demonstrate for the carrier what the new system could do, including:

• A comparison of three fast food chain restaurant sites to determine how many users visited each site over the course of the same 30 days. There was a huge spike in one site’s visitors one day and the carrier’s solution helped it determine the spike was caused by a Facebook campaign offering a free item with a site visit.

• A comparison of three major airline sites across a week showed a peak on one day for one airline. The solution showed the airline had promoted airline credits and significant savings on tickets purchased that day.

• Finally, three major retailers’ sites were analyzed for users’ spending patterns across time and geographical locations. The results were highly varied and would provide in-depth insight for each retailer.

All of this insight culled by the solution developed by Cloudwick helps the carrier and partners provide valuable advice to significantly enhance advertising campaigns. The new solution is a first-mover advantage in the market, and with such in-depth and intricate spending, demographic, interest, geographic and clickstream insight, ad campaign results are significantly boosted. There’s no other method that enables more effective advertising on mobile.


Cloudwick designed and developed an invaluable first-mover advantage solution for this carrier.

Cloudwick brought this solution seamlessly from pilot-to-production.

The solution provides significant insight for more effective advertising campaigns and increased ROI on mobile.

Cloudwick continues to remain onsite to manage and support operations and help with ongoing projects.

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