Case study: Global Shopping

BI Modernization


A global retail organization needed help migrating its on-premises Microsoft SQL server-based data warehouse to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift.


Before providing the actual migration, Cloudwick conducted a use case analysis on the existing Microsoft SQL server-based data warehouse. After the company chose to move forward with AWS, Cloudwick’s recommendation, Cloudwick provided the solution architecture and professional services to conduct the migration.


– The company now has a modern BI infrastructure.
– It has eliminated a costly enterprise data warehouse.
– The cluster is poised to scale and the organization can enjoy the cost savings, flexibility and agility of the cloud.

Global Customer Base

A global international retail organization, operating more than 1,200 corporate and 270 franchise outlets in 16 countries with revenue over a billion dollars, needed to migrate its on-premises data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This migration plan was put in place to increase agility, scalability and flexibility and cost savings as the company was further globalizing and reaching more points around the globe. Like most businesses, the company was focused on business goals and didn’t have enough technology specialists on staff, so it turned to Cloudwick, the data and business intelligence modernization experts, for help with the transition.

Cloudwick’s primary business objective was to help migrate the company’s on-premises Microsoft SQL Server based data warehouse to AWS Redshift. This objective was in line with the overall strategy of migrating the organization’s IT framework from on-premises data centers to the cloud (AWS). Before providing the actual migration, Cloudwick provided the company with a cost analysis comparing the existing environment (Microsoft SQL Server-based data warehouse) with a new AWS environment so the organization could make an informed decision based on actual cost for scalability, agility and flexibility. The company chose to move forward with the AWS Redshift based solution, Cloudwick’s recommendation.

Cloud Shift

Cloudwick consultants provided professional services to migrate the Microsoft SQL server to AWS Redshift using Talend as the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool. With Redshift, all data written to a node is automatically written to other nodes within the cluster and continually backed up to Amazon S3 for reliability. In addition, it is secure through AES-256 encryption, and it is massively scalable and supports up to petabytes.

The company also chose the recommendations made by Cloudwick of AWS Direct Connect and AWS Hardware VPN for bulk import from the data warehouse to ensure security and reduce risk. Tableau has been integrated into the solution, enabling the organization to create its own dashboards and analyze data with drag-and-drop simplicity.


The organization now enjoys a modernized business intelligence infrastructure and has eliminated a costly enterprise data warehouse. With the move to AWS, it is poised to scale up as needed and enjoy the cost savings with the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud.

In addition, the administration and management of services has become easier for the team, since increasing the Data warehouse takes less time on AWS. The bottom line is that the company has exchanged its previous solution for a modern business infrastructure that is flexible, agile, and scalable.

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