Case study: Online Auction

Catalog Modernization


A Fortune 1000 online automobile auction company needed help building a next-generation, Cassandra-based online catalog, but it lacked internal expertise in this open source technology.


Cloudwick, a DataStax Gold Partner, provided the experience and expertise to get the company from POC to production quickly and effectively. With DataStax DSE successfully implemented, the company now has much faster database query and update performance.


With its online catalog performance improvements, the company enjoys enhanced efficiency, increased business and more satisfied auto dealer customers.

Speeding Up Online Auto Catalog

A Fortune 1000 company, a leader in online auction solutions for wholesale automotive dealers looking to buy and sell cars, as well as marketing tools for financial, rental, and sales organizations, was moving its image database to Cassandra. This database includes automobile photos as well as the descriptions of the cars and coinciding tags for easy reference and search by wholesalers looking to bid. The company chose DataStax DSE. The company is an online automobile authority – not an expert in open source big data, so it’s no surprise it lacked internal resources to build a Cassandrabased next-generation online catalog. So it turned to Cloudwick to accelerate time to value.

POC to Production Experience

Cloudwick sent in the necessary Cassandra expert resources, setting up four clusters for the database, one for production and the others for staging and testing, enabling the company to get successfully from POC to production. Now, the organization has much faster database query and update performance, which translates to enhanced efficiency, increased business and more satisfied auto dealer customers.


By working with Cloudwick, the company gained a dedicated pilot-to-production DataStax engineer to lead their DevOps team and accelerate time to success

The company is experiencing faster performance for queries and updates on its online automobile image database

The overall results include enhanced efficiency, increased business and more satisfied auto dealer customers

“The company didn’t have in-house DSE expertise, which kept them stuck in POC mode, so we introduced Cloudwick, whose experience, expertise and insight proved invaluable to both DataStax and the customer. Cloudwick came in at the validation stage and successfully brought the company to production quickly.”
~ DataStax

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