Case study: Orion Health

Modern Infrastructure


Orion Health, a global e-Health software company needed Cassandra expertise to accelerate its pilot-to-production project, California’s largest health information exchange (HIE) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered by DataStax DSE.


The company brought in Cloudwick for its exceptional experience and deep expertise with DataStax DSE as well as AWS.


Cloudwick brought the HIE project back on schedule and on budget, bringing it from POC to production, stabilizing performance, and implementing best practices.

Boosting Cluster Health

Orion Health, a global e-Health software company that delivers intelligent integration solutions for smarter hospitals and population health management needed help building a statewide health information exchange (HIE) that enables physicians, nurses and hospitals to securely share patients’ health information. The company needed help with Cassandra cluster administration and application development as well as experts to assist with the migration of this HIE to AWS.

Like most enterprises, Orion Health lacked staff with Cassandra experience, and therefore turned to Cloudwick for its extensive background in big data, analytics, and Cassandra. Before Cloudwick was brought in, the Cassandra clusters were not functioning due to configuration problems and other issues. Cloudwick brought the required Cassandra expertise to overcome these issues, migrated patient records from Oracle to DataStax DSE on AWS, and tuned cluster performance.

Faster Time to HIE Production

Cloudwick worked with the company’s solution architects, developers and IT to build, operate and scale the HIE, with its millions of records, and brought it from POC to production, stabilized performance, and implemented best practices. In the end, Cloudwick enabled Orion Health to bring the HIE project back on schedule and budget.

Accelerated Time to Value

For Orion Health, Cloudwick:

  • Brought the project from pilot-to-production and back on schedule/budget
  • Stabilized cluster performance
  • Implemented best practices for Orion Health going forward

DSE Pilot-to-Production Services

The Cloudwick DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Pilot-to-Production package provides Orion Health with a remote DSE DevOps consultant M-F 8-5pm PDT to help accelerate the Cassandra journey and realize these benefits:

• Reduce Cassandra application development time and effort with expert DSE support

• Increase Cassandra developer productivity with expert DSE cluster administration and development

• Gain knowledge and expertise to quickly move from pilot-to-production scale-out 

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