Case study: Multinational Corporation Moves to AWS 

Digital Business Transformation


An American multinational Fortune 100 corporation needed help transforming its business to leverage clickstream, app, social media and point-of-sale data to improve sales, enhance marketing and advertising campaigns, and boost customer service.


Cloudwick migrated the company’s on-premises data to AWS, implemented predictive analytics, optimized and provided the appropriate security.


  • The corporation has improved marketing effectiveness, enhanced customer satisfaction and boosted performance.
  • Everyone can run 8-10 campaigns daily compared to just 4 with the prior system.
  • The company realizes greater flexibility, elasticity and availability, as well as significant annual cost savings with AWS

Cloudwick Delivers Digital Transformation on AWS

An American multinational Fortune 100 corporation that designs and sells footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, with more than 44,000 employees around the globe, needed a partner to support its digital business transformation. The company derives data from a variety of sources including clickstream, apps, social media, brick-and-mortar retail stores and more, and wanted to leverage this information to improve sales, build more effective marketing campaigns, make better advertising decisions and enhance the customer experience.

The organization turned to Cloudwick, the leading provider of cloud and analytics services and solutions to Global 1000 enterprises. Cloudwick migrated the company’s on-premises databases to Hadoop on AWS via Direct Connect, which ensured secure and private connectivity, increased throughput, and provided a more reliable connection. Cloudwick then integrated Spark in order to run predictive analytics on the company’s data. Finally, Cloudwick optimized and provided the appropriate security for the company’s big data cluster.

There are 250 corporate users running predictive analytics on the data using Hive, Impala and Spark, as well as several thousand business analysts utilizing Tableau to generate reports to improve the bottom line. The corporation has improved its marketing campaign effectiveness, enhanced customer satisfaction and boosted its overall performance. Whereas each user was only able to deliver four campaigns per day with the previous solution, each person can now run between eight and ten campaigns daily. The company also realizes greater infrastructure agility, flexibility, elasticity and global availability, as well as significant annual cost savings with AWS.

AWS Solutions used by the multinational corporation:

  • AWS S3 to store and retrieve data
  • EMR for quickly and cost-effectively processing vast amounts of data.
  • EC2 ensures the company has enough room for data but not so much that it is overpaying
  • AWS Direct Connect established a dedicated network connection from the organization to AWS
  • Auto Scaling allows the company to seamlessly scale its EC2 capacity as needed
  • CloudWatch keeps everything running smoothly by monitoring utilization, performance, and operational health
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Simple Queue Service (SQS) enable the company to store and send messages to customers easily and cost-effectively via push notification or email
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is used to establish, operate, and scale the database in the cloud
  • Amazon Redshift makes analyzing all of the company’s data simple and cost-effective

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