Amorphic Data VOC Whitepaper

Changing customer expectations are forcing business executives to adopt new techniques to Enrich Customer Experience (CX). An omnichannel VOC program is the key to incorporating customer feedback into the business. This paper looks in to three key areas: (a) the business imperative to modernize toda...
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Amorphic Data DX Whitepaper

Every company generates loads of natural language text and images in the form of handwritten/typewritten text, emails, spreadsheets, reviews and comments, videos etc. There is a lot of intelligence hidden in these assets. With the advancements in deep learning-based AI algorithms, this intelligence ...
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John Tripier

The adoption and deployment in production of Apache Spark by enterprises is growing fast, and the demand for consulting services with certified expertise is quickly following suit. The ‘Certified on Spark’ Program ensures that certified systems integrators have the right level of expertise and e...
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