Salaried AWS Professionals

Finding certified and experienced AWS Data Lake Analytic contractors and or consultants is challenging. The available pool of AWS data engineers, devops, administrators and data scientist is limited and project staff turnover is high with contractors as they are always being offered higher rates and incentives to jump ship and start a new project elsewhere.
Cloudwick’s Salaried Professional Service gives you access to long-term, dedicated AWS certified consultants for times when project continuity is essential, time is money and you simply can’t afford to lose key personnel.


Salaried AWS Professionals

Data Scientist

Also Known : Data Managers, Statisticians

A data scientist will be able to take data science projects from end to end. They can help store large amount of data, create predictive modelling processes & present the findings


Data Scientist

Technologies Used

Data Scientist

AWS Data Engineer

Also Known : Data Managers, Statisticians

They are versatile generalists who use computer science to help process large datasets. They typically focus on coding, cleaning up datasets, and implementing requests that come data scientists


AWS Data Engineer

Technologies Used

AWS Data Engineer

AWS Devops

Also Known : CloudOps or SecOps Engineer

The are experts with provisioning, operating, automating and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. They also ensure that governance, security and monitoring are applied.


Data Scientist

Technologies Used

Data Scientist

When to use Salaried Professional Service Consultants

Salaried professionals have chosen a career path that allows them to experience a variety of projects, workplaces and industries. They’re excited by assignments that stretch their skills and present them with new challenges. As full-time Cloudwick employees, our salaried professionals receive a competitive salary and benefits package. That means the work they do for your company is not something to keep them occupied while searching for a full-time job. Salaried professionals are fully invested in the outcome of your project. And when the assignment is over, they’ll seamlessly transition the role to your returning employee, existing team or new hire. When you need highly skilled specialists to step in and start contributing from Day One, yet you don’t want the long- term costs and commitment that come with a full-time hire or the risk of loosing a contractor. That’s when Cloudwick’s Salaried Professional Service can provide the most value. Our consultants are ideal for these projects:

AWS Artificial Intelligence

A Serverless AWS data lake will decrease your costs, increase your query performance and simplify data lake analytics for all users.

AWS Platform Ops

Cloudwick is the leader in MPP and Big Data migration to AWS. We move petabytes of data and have tools to simplify, accelerate and reduce costs.

AWS Migrations

Our certified AWS Data Lake salaried consultants can lead your team or compliment your teams AWS data lake journey.

AWS Data Pipelines

Cloudwick is a leader in AWS Data Lake Analytics and our consultants are experts in serverless and self-service data lake architecture to support BI, ML, AI & AA.

AWS Data Lakes

Let our consultants asses your AWS data lake and analytic workloads to provide performance, feature, use case and cost optimization for better ROI.

AWS Machine Learning

Whether you have an existing or new AWS data lake talk to Cloudwick and learn how you can add native BI, AI, ML and AA to your data lake.

What’s the minimum term for Salaried Professionals?
What’s the minimum term for Salaried Professionals?
Are Cloudwick’s Professionals AWS Certified?
Are Cloudwick’s Professionals AWS Certified?
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Does Cloudwick also do fixed price engagements?


Salaried AWS Professionals

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The benefits of using our consultants

Cloudwick’s Salaried Professional Service is an unrivaled staffing solution that offers tremendous time-to-solution value.
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