Empowering Industry Segments with IDP powered by Data Cloud Platforms

Healthcare Provider & Payor Icon

Healthcare Provider & Payor

  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce errors and fraud, improve patient care
  • Claims processing automation
  • Patient data extraction and analysis
  • Medical records digitization and organization
Insurance Icon


  • Streamline claims processing, reduce errors and fraud, improve customer experience
  • Claims processing automation
  • Policy application and renewal processing
  • Fraud detection and prevention
Government Icon


  • Improve citizen services, reduce administrative costs, enhance compliance and security
  • Citizen document verification and authentication
  • Procurement and contract management automation
  • Regulatory compliance and audit automation

Simplified Data Management

Extract valuable insights from unstructured  documents with Amorphic's AI-powered IDP  solution

Simplified Data Management Diagram

Security and Compliance

Ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance with Amorphic's robust security measures

Security and Compliance Diagram

Seamless Integration and interoperability

Connect your existing systems and leverage data from multiple sources with ease

Seamless Integration Diagram

Scalable and Managed Solution

Amorphic IDP, supported by expert professionals, provides a scalable and hassle-free experience

Scalable and Managed Solution Diagram

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