Empowering Genomics Advancements with Data Cloud Platforms

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Clinical Genomics

  • Personalized medicine based on genomic data
  • Predictive genetic testing for disease risk assessment
  • Targeted therapy selection based on genomic profiling
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Genomics Research

  • Genomic data analysis for drug discovery and development
  • Identification of genetic markers for disease susceptibility
  • Population genomics for understanding disease prevalence and diversity
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  • Genomic data storage, management, and analysis
  • Genomic data integration with electronic health records
  • Development of computational algorithms for genomic research

Comprehensive Genomic Data Management

Amorphic + Amazon Health Lake (AHL) Omics store: Empowering analysis of DNA sequencing, transcriptomics, and variant data

Comprehensive Genomic Diagram

Secure and Compliant Genomic Insights

Ensuring HiTrust HIPAA Compliance for
Genomic Data Analysis

Secure and Compliant Genomic  Diagram

Enhanced Genomic Data Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate data from various Genomic EHR/Lab Systems

Enhanced Genomic Data Diagram

Ready-to-Use Genomics Solution

Amorphic: Integrated with AHL Omics store, Redox & Cleardata. Solution Managed by Industry Experts

Ready-to-Use Genomics Diagram


Video - Amorphic Data Cloud for Genomics


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