...But Extracting Value from Public Health Data has Challenges

Diverse Source Systems, Data interoperability issues, Manual Data preparation for Analysis, Access & Sharing restrictions

Diagram 2

How Do We Turn Data Challenges into CDC Vision Opportunities?

Automated Ingestion, Standardized Formats, Breaking Silos, Integrated Processing, Secure Analytics

Diagram 3

Public Health 360 solution: Data Modernization from the old to the new

From Diverse Systems to Seamless FHIR Interoperability, Data Silos to Unified Data Lake, and Automated, Secure Data Collaboration


Scalable AWS Solution Architecture for Public Health

HIPAA-Compliant, Scalable, Cost-Efficient, Advanced Analytics, Seamless Integration

Solution Architecture for Healthcare & Life Sciences (2)

Overcome Data Hurdles for Today's Modernization Benefits

Enhanced Epidemic Preparedness, Real-time Decision-making, Improved Health Communication, Efficient Campaigns, Collaborative and Coordinated Responses

Diagram 4

Transforming Public Health Data: A Comprehensive 360° Approach

Longitudinal Patient Record
Enterprise Master Patient Index
Electronic Case Report
COVID-19 & Related Dashboards
And much more......

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