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Cloudwick’s Forecast-as-a-Service Requires

Cloudwick’s Forecast-as-a-Service Requires

What is it?

Gain insights from an automated daily training and prediction pipeline via interactive Dashboards.
No Data Lake Setup or any form of development or support team required from the customer.


  • Amorphic Data platform SaaS subscription for the term of the contract.
  • All infrastructure costs related to any AWS service used including training and data storage costs for Forecast.
  • Professional services for 4 weeks via a team of Data Scientists and support for the entire term of the contract.

Capture data from multiple external sources into Datasets.

Datasets come with governance via user, group and role level access controls.

Serverless ETL to handle any pre processing.


Multiple training iterations performed during Professional Services phase.

Scheduling feature to fetch latest data and trigger new training job.

Auto tuning, model selection and version control.


Dashboards updated based on latest or older version of a trained model.

Interactive charts to filter queries.
Export to CSV.

Dashboards have user, group and role level access control.


Leading Amazon Seller of Consumer Goods.
Leading Amazon Seller of Consumer Goods.

Customer is looking to predict sales for their products accurately using Cloudwick’s AWS Forecast-as-a-Service.
The Customer to provide product sales data that it has collected from Amazon and other sales platforms. The goals for this project is to:
1) Predict sales for improving inventory management,
2) Forecast sales by region, by holiday, by seasonality.

The customer did not have the IT resources to manage and maintain the data pipelines or AWS infrastructure and wanted Amazon


Solution- Cloudwick Forecast-as-a-Service
  • Cloudwick to deploy a single tenant Amorphic Professional subscription and will manage it to support the Forecast-as-a-Service.
  • The Amorphic SaaS cost for Amazon Forecast Service is included in the annual fee.
  • Scheduled data ingestion of up to 3 data sets in Amorphic. Cloudwick to develop data ingestion jobs using Amorphic ETL (Amorphic ETL uses AWS GLUE/Lake Formation service for the data ingestion)
Data Transformation
  • Cloudwick to develop data transformation jobs using Amorphic ETL.
  • These transformation jobs will run once a scheduled Training Job is triggered.
  • Transformation scripts would be run as serverless and managed jobs. These would be available under the ETL tab in Amorphic platform.
  • The ETL jobs once completed will write data to Amazon Forecast related jobs to then trigger training and tuning. If any of these intermediate results need to be stored, they can be pointed to child data sets as described in the logical architecture.
Scheduled Training
  • During the Amorphic-as-a-Service Professional Services phase, Cloudwick consultants will perform many training iterations in the
    development and training phase and once the model is validated the Amazon Forecast Model will be put into production pipeline..
  • The Training job will be linked to a training schedule which will be defined by the Customer. The Production Training job will pull the
    latest data and perform auto model selection and tuning based on the schedule.
  • Once the Training is complete, this production Forecast model will update the Customer dashboard and reports. There will be a
    versioning feature associated with these completed Training jobs with performance metrics for reference.
Scheduled Reports / Dashboard
  • Once the training phase is complete, predicted results will be sent to multiple analytical charts developed by Cloudwick for the Customer’s Use Case dashboard and reports.
  • Note that there is no restriction on the number of Charts / Graphs, however all charts would be reflected in only 1 Dashboard.
  • Cloudwick will prepare a dashboard and reports based upon the feedback from the Customer. ThermoPro to approve that the dashboard is comprehensive and meets business expectations

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