One Cloud. Immediate Access. All Your Data on AWS.

Improve your time-to-value with a fully managed SaaS Data Cloud solution, production-ready in 90 minutes out-of-the-box.  Access over 60 AWS Data & Analytics services natively, directly from your AWS account.

Amorphic SaaS Data Cloud for AWS (10)

Serverless Architecture

Optimize your data cloud management experience with the lower cost on-demand analytics offered by a "never pay for idle" consumption model.  Experience the increased speed and accessibility for online analytics enabled by a highly available, serverless architecture.



SaaS-enabled Amazon Redshift

With a SaaS-enabled experience, you can reduce the already low cost to operate, and more quickly and easily find, share, and use data within Redshift. Automate the creation of IAM roles and user role-based access controls (RBAC) to free IT and Data Teams from manual tasks.


Amorphic Data Cloud Benefits

Serverless Performance & Cost

Pay only for your consumption, and scale infinitely with increased speed and accessibility. Obtain high performance at the lowest cloud infrastructure cost with a serverless architecture.

100% Amazon Native Data Cloud

Amorphic natively integrates over 65 AWS data and analytics and supporting services in one central location, unifying all your data with "single pane-of-glass" UI simplicity.  No additional integration or engineering  required.  

Self-Service Data Cloud Analytics

Remove IT complexity with automated pipelines and RBAC controls.  Enhance outcomes with a streamlined interface that allows users to easily find, access, and use quality data to reach better insights.

AWS Secure & Future Proof

Natively designed and engineered exclusively for AWS, the Amorphic data mesh fabric is designed for scalability and security with advanced API and Lambda architecture.   

Speed to Analytic Advantage

Self-service makes it possible for analysts, business users, data engineers, developers and data scientists to easily and quickly search, access, and analyze their data from a single location at scale.

Extensibility & Time-to-Analytics

Deploy as a managed SaaS or managed subscription directly into your AWS account.  You can be production-ready same day. 

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